Monthly Archives: January 2009

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WP Diary

WP Diary is inspired by the design of diaries. Very simple yet beautiful look. nice two column layout. XHTML Validated and widget ready. Ideal for personalized blog. Hope you will enjoy the writing.

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WP Blue Page

WP Blue Page is nice combination of light blue and dark grey colors. It’s an elegant theme. Two column, XHTML Valid, Widget ready.

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WP Safari

WP Safari is nice theme based on adventures tour. Fadding sunset effect is combine with appropriate colors. Widget ready, XHTML valid theme.

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WP Real Estate 2

WP Real Estate, A two column, widget ready, XHTML valide Blog. Nice layoute, effective color combination.

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Dream Home

Dream Home is two column, fixed width wordpress theme. Made with nice color combination of white,sky blue and dark blue.

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Green Theme 2

Green Theme 2 has cool green look. Two column, fixed width, widget ready,XHTML Valid theme.

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WOW Theme

WOW (World of Warcraft) theme is ideal for wow addicts. Its a theme for wow addicts. Made with attractive layout. Two column, widget ready theme.

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Blue Sky

Blue Sky is stylish wordpress theme designed with sky blue color and skyp pattern at header. Nice cool layout and effective color combianation. XHTML valid and widget ready theme.

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WP Unique

Category : Artistic , Two Column

WP Unique is beautiful two column theme with nice background and unique layout. Its nice combination of some beautiful colors and patterns.

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WP Church

WP Church is two column widget ready, XHTML valid wordpress theme. Made with color combination of light and dark blue.