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Wildlife Safaris

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Are you in touch with your wild side? Then, how about planning adventurous, Wildlife Safaris vacations program?
Wildlife Safaris! Just the mention of the slogan sends shivers of excitement down the average tourist’s spine! Exploring the wide and wild offerings of the Indian fauna offerings can sure make for the purr-fect holiday-especially for those wanting to get in touch with their wild side. Professionally managed travel and tour agencies are offering budget and exclusive wildlife safaris tour package with customized holiday plans to suit global and national tourists both. So, get ready to ring in the right mix of thrill and excitement with one such vacations plan!

Adventures of the Animal Kingdom: Wildlife Safaris and rip-roaring action offered by the Indian terrain.
The Jungle Book, written by Rudyard Kipling explores the majesty and glory of Indian forests and the fauna within; the image of the Royal Bengal tiger, immortalized by the unforgettable Sher Khan depicted in the same story, is a sight that most foreign and local tourists are eager to see. A journey through Indian jungles on elephant back/horse-back/camel back (in Rajasthan) give ample competition to the regular, open-jeep animal observing afforded to tourists in natural splendor of Indian geographical backdrop.

Forever fascinating: Indian Wildlife Safaris are hot tourists attractions!
Wildlife Safaris as a vacation plan enable visitors to view a variety of birds and animals in their natural habitat in national parks and wildlife sanctuaries, the most famous ones being Manas Sanctuary, Gir Sanctuary, Sariska Sanctuary and Periyar Sanctuary! There has been a steady rise in the number of travelers to India who are booking wildlife safaris in advance in order to avoid disappointment over non-availability of best transport and accommodation options in and around wildlife parks and sanctuaries like the Kanha, Kaziranga, Bandhavgarh and Ranthambore National every year.

Thailand Tour Destination

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Thailand as a tour destination: a peek into the exotic Orient!
Thailand shares its borders with Laos, Myanmar, Cambodia, Malaysia, the Gulf of Thailand and the Indian Ocean, and can be explored by sea, air and road. It is divided into four main regions, namely North, Central Plain or the Chao Phraya River Basin, North East (Korat Plateau) and South or Southern Peninsula. The word, ‘thai,’ literally means ‘free’ and so it comes as no surprise that oodles of fun-filled freedom is the buzzword here!

Famous for its fertile agricultural offerings, numerous heritage palaces and famous temples, traditional forms of architecture blended with beautiful natural backdrop of beaches and islands, innumerable joys of shopping bonanzas and bargains, colorful carnivals, world-class shopping centers and culturally vibrant mood of festivals with endless variety in local foods and gourmet cuisine, make Singapore the exotic Oriental paradise it truly is.

An overview of Thailand as a tour destination
The instantly at home, easily extended nature of Thai hospitality raises the jet-lagged spirits of global tourists looking at Thailand as a tour destination; whether from a business point of view or simply to unwind, the city never ceases to amaze!

Vital statistics about people and places in Thailand
The majority (95%) of Thai people follows Buddhism, revering the King of Thailand as their supreme monarch; he is also the patron of all religions embraced by the people- a fact that makes Thailand a true melting pot of all cultures and religious tolerance woven into its social fabric.

Sri Lanka tour Destination

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Thinking of Sri Lanka as a tour destination? Then, read on.
Sri Lanka is a legendary island, equated with the best a tropical paradise has to offer in terms of varied culture, crafts and cuisine that is uniquely it’s own and thus, inviting to the global tourist as a tour destination. Shaped like a teardrop and formerly known as Ceylon (recalling radio days when old English classics were belted out by the station’s articulate hosts, old timers will remember Ceylon associated with golden oldies) Sri Lanka is situated in the Indian Ocean and is produces distinctly flavored morning brew: Ceylonese Tea!

Sri Lanka’s cultural and social offerings for the globetrotter!
Sri Lanka affords secular beliefs to be revered and different religions to co-mingle with native ones with equal respect even as Buddhism is the state religion; persons following different religious beliefs are free to follow Islam, Hinduism and Christianity in a true spirit of secularism while languages spoken predominantly are Sinhalese, Tamil and English.

Top tourist spots in Sri Lanka: tour destination guide
Colombo is the capital of Sri Lanka and affords a truly modern and enigmatic glimpse into the country’s evolving strength as a contemporary and proudly-true-to-its-culture civilization. Other tourist hot spots in Sri Lanka include Kandy, Galle, Sigiriya, Trincomalee, Hikkaduwa, Nuwara Eliya and Jaffna!

Preparing for Sri Lanka as a tour destination: garment and activities guide
The many tea plantations in Sri Lanka allow tourists to beat the heat and pursue bird watching with birds inhabiting the island paradise in droves and elephants and leopards being a common sight too. Being a tropical country with a coastal climate fanned by sea breezes, it is advisable to pack light cotton or natural fiber garments while visiting Sri Lanka.

Singapore Tour Destination

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Asian multiculturalism: Singapore as a tour destination!
Singapore is a heady mix of Chinese, Malay and Indian cultures blending to form the cosmopolitan city it is today, with a welcoming feel for the global tourist. Great shopping, exciting nightlife, delightful and varied cuisine or a holiday destination for indulging in multifarious activities are the many aspects of Singapore!

Cultural diversity evident in Singapore’s architectural offerings:
Singapore as a tour destination has varied cultural offerings, respects all religions and reveres the feelings of true secularism in promoting freedom of spiritual belief by way of maintaining its many churches, temples, Buddhist monasteries and prayer halls. A rich, diverse and expert architectural style is evident in Singapore’s many museums, houses, shopping complexes while impressive office buildings depict the city’s willingness to embrace best of the West with the flavor of the East.

Best deals for tourists in Singapore?
Singapore is multi-cultural and has a unique blend of tradition and modernity: British monuments vie with old English -style bungalows for attention while local, tropical island establishments replete with unique restaurants, zoos, food markets and social diversities are equally popular among tourists as those serving continental fare in more sophisticated surroundings. Chijmes, a popular dining, shopping and entertainment site, Dalhousie Obelisk, at Empress Place, Istana- the official residence of the President of Singapore; Lau Pa Sat, Merlion, the lion head with a fish body resting on a crest of waves that is Singapore’s national emblem, Parliament House, the Elephant Statue, Raffles Hotel, one of the world’s last great 19th century hotels, Sun Yat Sen Nanyang Memorial Hall, Supreme Court and City Hall are some must-visit places when visiting Singapore as a tour destination.

Home stay opportunity

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Home stay opportunity is a trend that is fast picking up as offering a home away from home with a local flavor variation to the vacation!!
The concept of a home stay opportunity has been an old and accepted one in the Western world for earning a bit on the side for many homeowners with landowners and a farmhouse offering these extra rooms or spaces for tourists at affordable prices as compared to other tourism sector accommodation they may find. In India, this idea of offering home stays had many fears attached to it in the initial stages, such as lack of a link language skills, the privacy demands having one or more house-guests would have on family members and household routines, having to compromise on the security factor as much as the ignorance about how to plan, offer and manage home stay opportunity availing ‘paying guests’ and enforcing house-rules for their meals and stay.

How the trendy tourism offering of affordable accommodation courtesy home-stay opportunity took off
Along with a change in the educated Indian homeowner, there was a great awakening to the home stays opportunity also giving a few extra bucks to a homeowner for company, cultural interchange, independent earnings and putting an empty space to good use that for all practical purposes would have been shut down or gathering dust! This change in outlook for home-owners offering home stays opportunity in a greater number has mainly come about with Indian family members going abroad for higher education, jobs or simply out-growing the need to stay in parental homes and thus, these have promoted the cause of a feasible and tourist-friendly, easy on the traveler’s pocket idea of cost-effective, cozy and welcoming home stays opportunity in India.

SpringHill Suites Hotel Is Conveniently Located For St Edwards University

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Austin, population 700,000, lies in the Hill Country region of the state of Texas. It is the state capital of Texas, and also a college town. Austin is a lively center of alternative culture, and the large number of music venues let the city claim to be the “Live Music Capital of The World”. There are several colleges and universities in Austin, including St. Edwards University and the University of Texas. Visitors who require accommodation in an Austin hotel may be interested in the Springhill Suites by Marriott. These are just of IH-35 in South Austin, and are located conveniently close to Austin Airport, and St Edwards University.

Austin is a center of music and alternative culture, and has laid claim to the title of “Live Music Capital of the World” on account of the great number of venues. Several music festivals are held annually in the city. In March there are the South By Southwest (SXSW) Music and Film Festivals. These overlap for a few days, with the film festival starting slightly earlier.

The SXSW Music Festival runs for 4 days, and is one of the larger events of this type in the US. Over 1000 performers play in a large number of venues across the city. Wrist bands are available, allowing access to many venues.

Other music festivals in the city include the Old Pecan Street Festival (every May and September), which has several live music stages, and over 240 stalls selling arts and crafts etc, and the Austin City Limits Festival (October), which is a three day outdoor event. There are eight stages and all styles of music from rock, hip-hop and indie, to country, folk and bluegrass, are enjoyed by approximately 65,000 festival goers every day.

The University of Texas is in Austin. It was at one time the largest university in the US. Recently it has restricted entry numbers slightly, but is still in the top 5. St Edwards University is a private, Roman Catholic college. It offers a liberal arts curriculum, and reached its 125th anniversary recently, in October 2010.

Visitors seeking hotel rooms in South Austin near to St Edwards University might wish to stay at SpringHill Suites, which is a Marriott establishment. SpringHill Suites is easily reached via IH-35, and is also near to the airport, to Barton Creek Square Mall, and to the sports facilities of the University of Texas.

The SpringHill Suites offer spacious accommodation, suitable for both leisure and business travelers. The hotel’s special deals and packages include “Nickelodeon Your Stay”, with gifts for younger travelers, including a Build Your Own SpongeBob kit, and the Austin Shopping Package, which includes a gift card from Visa.

Vacation in an Island – Find The Beauties of Pulau Mataking

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Mataking is really a personal island situated into the north of Mabul, not far from Sipadan, but three times more substantial than it. It will require forty minutes by boat to receive here from Semporna. In truth, the island is generated up by two islands joint by a sandbar. For the much larger one (the “main” island), there is The Reef Dive Resort, a facility constructed from wood; aside from it and the police station, there isn’t an other building up, just wildlife.

Nonetheless, there are numerous opportunities on your enjoyment. In case you are lucky, you could see the Green and Hawksbill turtles laying their eggs inside white warm sand. Mataking can also be household to your Coconut crab, exotic birds and lots of fascinating sea creatures, like the frogfish. The encompassing landscape is superb and there are numerous matters to become explored. The environment is relaxed and best suited for all those who choose to devote some relaxing moments beneath the sunshine.

If you are a diver, in addition there are a good amount of points for being noticed underwater. The Coral Garden in addition to the Turtle Playground are just two on the prospects; and it’ll only just take you 80 minutes by boat to acquire to Sipadan and dive there. Sipadan is considered being amongst the very best diving internet sites during the world, but, contrary to Mataking, it’s not a suitable site for rookies, as a consequence of the formidable currents.

In the event you visit the “small” island (20 minutes far from the “main” island), you certainly will working experience the sensation of strolling on h2o; not virtually, but staying surrounded by the sea from the two sides will build that sensation.

You may additionally have a shot at various other activities, these as kayaking, canoeing or exploring the jungle. Do not by-pass the observation tower; right here you can expect to get an amazing look at on the island and its environment.

Pulau Mataking is additionally popular for its Underwater Publish Office- the 1st post workplace of this type in Malaysia. This is the destination to put in writing fancy letters. They’re going to really be sent, in any element belonging to the environment; the departure of the letters to their locations occurs 2 times a week, when the mail box is cleared. And if you do not truly feel like composing too much, you’ll be able to normally pay money for among the many beautiful postcards, that are being found with the present shop. The uniqueness of this program is highlighted by an amazing rubber stamp, used for the envelopes. It would impress your pals and friends and family.

Mataking Island may be the destination to get, whether you may be attempting to get for journey or just just want to indulge in some peaceful moments, surrounded by an extraordinary landscape. It’s a site for lovers, mates, families, divers, nature lovers, adventurers, photographers, travelers, or for people shopping for a special second to spice up their lives. For everybody who is scheduling your getaway on an island, have a look at this 1 as on the list of solutions. It’s even an ideal location in your marriage ceremony; just consider it- it ultimately seems terrific.

Aberdeen airport parking guide

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Aberdeen Airport has one main terminal – where the airlines operate – and about 100m to the north, there is a much smaller terminal (The Broomfield Terminal open Monday – Friday only) for passengers on North Sea helicopter flights. There is one short stay car park, one long stay car park plus one off airport car park. Priority Parking in the short stay multi-storey car park at premium prices is also offered. The on airport car parks are located close to the airport terminal with quick transfer times.

As with any airport, you have a trade off between price and convenience. The cheaper the price, the further the car park is from the terminal. The nearer it is to the terminal, the higher the price !
Below the experts at set out a guide to what to expect and how to get the best deal on your Aberdeen Airport Parking.

So how do you get the best deal? Whether you want to be on airport, off airport or you want meet and greet parking, there are some simple steps you need to take. Here the experts tell you about Aberdeen Airport parking and how to get the best deal:

1. Never, ever pay the full price for your parking !

We give details of all of the car parks at Aberdeen Airport in 4 – 7 below, but whatever car park you plan to stay at, always book in advance. NEVER drive up to the car park and pay. Even at the cheapest (off airport) car park the price you pay when you drive up without pre-booking (known as the ‘gate price’) is two or three times higher than the pre-book price. This is particularly so at on airport car parks, where the pre-book price is usually around 50% of the gate price.

AND IT IS NEVER TOO LATE TO PREBOOK. Even if you book the same day, just before you leave home, it will be cheaper than the gate price. Never, ever pay the full price !

2. Before you rush to book your parking from the airport – COMPARE PRICES

Even if you decide you want to book the airport long stay car park, don’t just head over to the airport website to book. Compare prices at a number of suppliers and you could save up to 60% (typical savings are between 5 – 25%).

An easy way to do this is by using the page. This allows you to enter your dates once and in a few seconds compare the cost of every airport car park at five suppliers to find the lowest price available.

There are no fees, no costs, it’s fast, impartial, independent and free to use. And if you don’t want to book over the internet, you can call the parking company using the telephone numbers provided.

3. Compare prices, but compare car parks too. HOW MUCH is your time worth?

With airport parking there is a trade off between price and convenience. The cheaper the price, the further the car park is from the terminal. The nearer it is to the terminal, the higher the price. How much is your time worth? Are you prepared to add 15 minutes to your transfer time to save

Where To Have The Perfect Getaway Vacation

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Everybody has their own individual holiday dream, whether it is together with your someone special, with fellow workers and friends, or perhaps you just want to spend quality time with your loved ones. The world is a living paradise and there are enormous great places to be.

Finding the most from a trip is making sure that the places you are heading to can cater to all your wants and needs. It is like searching for a happy site where you could out leashed your adventurous side as well as can offer a soothing environment if you’re experiencing somewhat lazy and just wanted a warm environment to chill and rest. Among the finest paradises you can check out is like that of Nelson Bay accommodation, just 10 mins apart by car from the shopping world and clubs, also surrounded by fine dining and good dining places, and also quite just a couple of distance from the Nelson Bay Accommodation.

The place continues to be gathering sounds for giving all their visitors that satisfied and happy sense of spending their vacation time at the relaxing nest of Port Stephens Accomodation, thus showing them they have definitely designed a sensible choice of staying there. Meanwhile, Nelson Bay Accomodation has been the talk of the town due to its superb features. If you are an aficionado of maritime life, then you’ll unquestionably appreciate their dolphin and whale seeing activities, back to back with diving as well as other aquatic facilities which will certainly boost your adrenalin, obtaining plenty of activities to help keep you busy with your stay.

It’s possible to only declare that it’s really a fun filled vacation when you obtained the experience of experiencing the urge to come back time and time again in order to encounter all of that, that great spot is offering. And for many Nelson Bay is the place to be, it’s the center of Nelson Bay accommodation.

What makes a family vacation excellent is a good time while extending a number of muscles enjoying the things which you cannot do in a regular basis, having enjoy the scent of the scrumptious served mealtime, the enjoyable sounds of your family and associates trading the strange looks of how enjoyment the time was, the invaluable happiness you see in their eyes that nearly radiate and fill your entire room. This is the experience that no amount of cash can purchase. So selecting a place to stay for your holiday is also seeking the best haven once visit is simply not, it is someplace below the sky where you can feel full of life, completely happy, loved and pleased. Realize that special place where your reminiscences can last.

Quick Tips For Hawaiian Travel

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Traveling to Hawaii is an experience that would be unforgettable for years to come. Few other places in the world have as much natural beauty. The culture, people and the scenery are just as unforgettable. If you haven’t traveled to Hawaii yet, then book a flight as soon as you’re ready. There are many features that make Hawaii a unique destination.

The Hawaiian Islands are well-known for their volcanoes, and there are quite a few popular ones. After all, it was these volcanoes that gave birth to Hawaii, and it’s little surprise that the ones that still stand are among the most visited tourist attractions. Among all of them, Kilauea is one of the best-known and the most active by a longshot. It erupts every day ever so subtly, and has been doing so for about twenty years. It is always fascinating to observe the lava as it dances into the ocean. The two extreme temperatures meeting cause steam to rise up high above the water. And as the lava cools, rocks are formed as they splinter into several different pieces. You’ll want to make this priority on your next (or first) trip to Hawaii.

But that’s not all – the volcanoes are responsible for another of Hawaii’s top attractions. This is where you would see those unusual black sand beaches all over the big island. This indeed goes against the grain, as other destinations would emphasize the white sand on their beaches. You will certainly be amazed when you get to see them in person.

Waterfalls are another thing you can get to see when traveling through Hawaii. Visit Akaka Falls state park and be awed by the 442-foot high waterfall that serves as its centerpiece. Just looking at the water is enough to relax any average tourist getting away from it all. There’s more than one way to view these falls while at the park.

You wouldn’t need to worry about lodging when you’re on your trip to Hawaii. The island of Oahu, for example, has about 30,000 hotel rooms combined to choose from. So as you can see, you’ve got more than your fill of options. Aside from conventional hotels, there are resorts, private villas and bed and breakfast locations.

There really isn’t a bad time of year to plan your trip either. The weather is virtually perfect year-round. In the winter it is a little cooler, but it can still be 80 degrees. During the summer, it may get up in the high 80′s and low 90′s. However, the ocean breeze keeps it comfortable on most days.

When you’re ready to travel to the beautiful Hawaiian Islands, get ready to have fun. You’ll want to go back again and again. It also helps to do your homework – do so before booking and you can find an affordable place to stay that meets your needs.