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Travelling food wise

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work3Food on the go may not be as healthy as you’d want it to be. From long road trips to attraction filled holidays, if your southeast asia holidays is going to be busy with lots of walking or driving around you are bound to miss your usual meal times and when hunger hits the most likely options would be to grab some fast food to keep the system going until you feel the hunger pangs again.

But a couple of days on meal-deals, happy meals and cheap sodas are bound to wreck your stomach and your immune system; which are of course the last thing an eager traveler would want. With a little planning ahead you might actually be able to pack healthy and tasty food on the go and also avoid the heart-burns, the bugs and unnecessary expenses.

If you are driving you can easily pack a cooler and in it fruits and veggies to consume on the way. Pasta salads, grilled or cured meats, cheeses and breads go a long way. Apples, oranges, tomatoes, grapes, green leaves along with pickles, hummus and peanut butter add zest, crunch and nourishment to your sandwiches and salads. Remember to carry a lot of water. Tea and coffee breaks are fine as long as you consume heaps of water.

For long drives with kids, who undoubtedly want some thing to munch on every five minutes, remember to stock up on oatmeal cookies, nuts (pick both savoury and sweet varieties for spice), pretzels and dried fruit. And still if you crave for some change go for a proper meal, ideally something local.

Travelers: What Technology to Bring?

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Whether you are a tech geek or a business person, bringing the right technology on your travel can really make a big difference.

If you are a big tech fans like me, you’d probably like to kill time when sitting on a 20-hour flight and connect into the world. It does make time pass much faster and get some stuff actually done.

If you are a business person, the right technology can make your trip more convenient and stress free.
When I travel, some criteria are important to me. Things like convenience, benefits and portability top the lists. This means that everything I take with me will need to be the smallest, lightest, simplest but most importantly useful.

1. Computing Power

This is probably one of the items most travelers will bring with them. Ten years ago when PC was on the peak, laptop was considered a luxury item. Nowadays, our industries are bombarded with the thinnest, lightest, cutest computing devices. PDA, iPhone, Blackberry, Tablet PC, Laptop are on the list.

Laptop may be an obvious choice if you want to do a heavy computing power like programming, editing or organizing. Its size and usefulness make laptop still a desirable travelers’ item until now. The industry has even come up with the convenience edition – a 10 inch or less size of laptops – that can give you less weight and save some space on the trip.

Besides laptop, Tablet PC is another option. Generally, Tablet PC is more powerful than laptops. Tablet PC can perform anything that your laptop can, only with a few more extra features. In addition, they are handier than regular laptops. However these extra features and convenience come with a price tag. You are looking at perhaps now double the price of a regular laptop. My advice is if you don’t need to be doing client-facing activities such as detailed design, product showcasing, or direct customer survey with your laptop, stay away from Tablet PC. You can still use your laptop with those activities, however Tablet PC just makes it more convenient due to its tablet-like design.

If you just need an adequate word processing or browsing the net, PDA, iPhone, Blackberry or other types of smartphones will do just as fine. You can bring an foldable keyboard to make the typing easier.

2. Camera

The next item is camera. I think for whatever reason you are traveling, you still need to bring your camera. You’ll never know when and where a kodak moment arises.

Now, do you need the 35m SLR with 4 spare lenses?

Unless you are a professional photographer who has other needs than just taking a few simple shots, then you don’t need a fancy camera. Most digital cameras on the market will do as fine. Many of the latest models come in at least 10 mega pixels and image editing software. The quality can be very professional. And if you make the wrong settings, there is always photoshop touch you can do at the end.

3. Music Player

Do you have iPhone or iPod? how about an MP3 player?
These options are good choices and convenient. You might be able to store any data such as digital photos or files on them.

4. Insurance

One of the big things that you are really going to need for all of your gadgets is insurance. Aside from the fact that a person with a lot of gadgets has a lot more to lose when they get robbed, stuff also gets knocked around a lot when you travel. Make sure you get insurance that covers you for the cost of a new replacement of anything that is lost, damaged or stolen.

These lists are not exhaustive. However they should be a MUST consideration for anyone who is on travels frequently. If you can describe your gadget as convenient, beneficial, portable and insured, then you will have a very fun trip!

Travel trends may change

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Travel trends may change, but factors determining hotel choices remain the same

These days the options for holiday accommodations are endless, with big chain hotels, to apartments, to exclusive boutique hotels to simple bed and breakfasts. With each vying with the other to attract potential guests conducted a poll to verify the exact facts that determine a traveller’s ultimate choice. This poll was conducted amongst the member base consisting of seasoned travellers presenting an authentic overview of travel trends.

From 1752 total responses polled, the factors that were most popular when choosing a hotel needless to say were price and location, both receiving 25.70% each. The hotel would obviously have to be in an area convenient to the traveller, as that would act as the base for the duration of the stay. Proximity to places of interest such as wildlife sanctuaries or historical sites, places of religious worship all add to a holiday accommodation’s popularity.

Price is the most important determining factor for a holiday as it is with most decisions in day to day life. Based upon their budgets people choose the best possible accommodation available within their scope. Most vacationers as it has been proved by previously conducted polls look for moderate comfort as opposed to extreme luxury or completely roughing it.

Polling 22.90% of the responses were amenities and facilities as determining factors. Once a number of viable accommodations have been selected, next the elimination process begins where the pros and cons of each are weighed.

Here vacationers decide which gives them the most value for money or the best amenities and facilities for the money they spend. Features such as tea/coffee making facilities, complimentary toiletries are amenities much appreciated by patrons along with the free use of the hotel gym, swimming pool and such.

For repeat guests, features such as a friendly staff is important, which is why it polled 17.10% of the responses. The staff being friendly, helpful and going out of their way to make a stay comfortable ensures that guests have a memorable experience they would wish to experience again and again. While this does not seem to be the most important factor for determining a hotel, it however does matter.

There are other factors to encourage or discourage a person from booking a hotel. While seemingly unimportant, to some these have an affect on their decision making, as is proved by the 5.70% that polled in.

Only 2.90% polled in as looking for luxury, as luxury is no longer a requisite factor. As mentioned before holiday goers are now ok with comfort and do not seek complete luxury.

Travel in Medical Staffing

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Benefits of Choosing a Medical Staffing Agency for Permanent or Contract Jobs


Nurses and health professionals have many benefits of working with a medical staffing agency when looking for travel or permanent placement positions.


Whether you are looking for a permanent, per diem or travel nurse position, working with a medical staffing agency is a good choice. Along with doctors, teachers, administrative assistants and Web designers, staffing agencies are great for flexibility and filling specialized positions.

Hospitals, pharmacies, and other medical facilities often depend on a medical staffing agency because they know these recruiters will locate and place qualified personnel for permanent, contract or per diem positions. So when medical facilities have job openings, they rely on medical staffing agencies to help meet their needs.

If you think you have to stay at with one company for ten, twenty or more years to earn a reputation as well as expertise, you will be surprised that these “thoughts” are no longer regarded. With the crumbling of highly esteemed corporations and businesses, people are looking to start over or join a smaller company with a better reputation for hiring. A medical staffing agency is one place to start looking for both a position and relocation. This offers a vast number of growth opportunities for both health facilities and job seekers.

Medical staffing agencies allow great flexibility as far as contract work, assignment and job location for travel nurses or per diem staff. Accepting an assignment of 13 weeks is much better than knowing you have to remain in one position or location for a year or more. After the first assignment, you can choose a different assignment or location depending on your interest. Nurses and other allied health profession jobs will see a steady flow of jobs now and in the future.

Working with a medical staffing agency can also be a link for permanent employment, if you choose. Medical staffing agencies offer a wealth of knowledge about health careers, ongoing and future trends, in addition to skills and certifications that employers want. Furthermore, a medical staffing agency is able to offer highly competitive wages, which will provide not only financial opportunity but also advanced employment preferences.

Oftentimes when a person starts a new job or changes careers, it is likely they will not have immediate health care coverage, paid leave or retirement benefits. However, medical staffing agencies are able to offer medical and dental benefits, paid holidays and sick leave as well as other immediate benefits. Ask the medical staffing agency what benefits are available for travel nurses, per diem nursing staff and permanent placement jobs.

Do you think working with a medical staffing agency sounds like a viable option? It is simple to get started.

Follow these steps:

1. Research medical staffing agencies in your area or online. Look for companies that are accredited or certified by the Joint Commission, so that you are assured of ethical and good practices.

2. Register with one or more medical staffing companies because you’re not limited to just one. You can choose to work for one agency for one assignment and then work for another one. It’s your choice.

3. Fill out an application online or in person. Most medical staffing agencies will have someone available to answer any questions you might have.

4. Make available any certifications, degrees and a resume for your staffing recruiter, so he or she can match your skills and experience with the employer as well as keep a copy for your file.

5. If you are certified in a certain area, you may have to take a test. However, ask your contact person for the pre-requisites for any interested position.

6. Be interviewed, if applicable. Some medical staffing agencies have an interviewing process that is much like an informal get together to review your skills, experiences, and certifications.

7. Select the type of assignment you want. You have choices – travel positions, per diem, contract or permanent placement.

The benefits for choosing a medical staffing agency are numerous and whether working long term or short term, a reputable medical staffing company will help you achieve your career goals.

Travel Don’ts

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taxiLife is full of uncertainties! But if we collaborate effectively with others, we can avoid a lot of such uncertainties with our collective knowledge. That’s the advantage you get by being a member of the Travel Community. Uncertainties can arise when traveling to a place you have never been to before. Most places are actually fun to visit, but in every place there are certain aspects that differ from one another. Should you hire chauffeur in Melbourne instead of a Metro in Melbourne? Should you tip the room service person in Melbourne? Is it safe to walk in the streets at night? These are the things that many people think about, before they go on holiday.

We know you must have a lot of such stories to share with us based on your past travel experiences. If you have found something to avoid when traveling to any destination in the world, please do share with us. That will certainly help other travelers when planning their trips. It may be the places, food, restaurants, campervan hire Iceland service, tipping, things to do or words not to use with the locales. Share, according to your experiences, the Tourist Traps to be avoided! You can check the Travel Community to see what the other members have to share.