Get Wise with a Long Term Car Hire

Get Wise with a Long Term Car Hire

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People with long vacation sojourns in another city or country are better off securing a long term car hire that can meet their everyday transport needs while on vacation. Not only that, depending on the length of stay, car rental companies can provide a discounted package that can net significant savings compared with hourly or daily rental rates which typically go for around ₤20 to ₤60 depending on the type of car you hire. limousines and SUVs or Hummers will certainly cost more.

If you are on an extended business trip, make sure you get your company’s travel bureau or HR to arrange with its travel agent to make the necessary bookings for land transportation in addition to the usual plane tickets and hotel bookings. Depending on your company’s travel policies and your management rank, overseas travel may entitle you to different types of cars, ranging from economy compacts to luxury sedans, SUVs and limos.

Similarly, if you are on an extended leisure trip on vacation, unless you’ve taken a cruise or tour package in a group which benefits from tourist corporate coach hire or buses, you need to consider how you will move about in a foreign land.

If you have relatives or friends there, you could borrow their cars on sight-seeing trips or get them to guide you on those trips. But they could be too busy for that and don’t have the luxury of a second car to lend to you. So you are left to consider renting one. You can get a luxury limos for hire Melbourne from a local rental dealer, but it may be wiser for you to do it before embarking on your trip. Your travel agent could arrange a cost effective package for you which you can charge on your credit card from the start.

If you’re not sure if your city of destination accepts your credit card, if at all they do. Just make sure the car you hire will be robust enough to bring you the places you want to visit and roomy enough for you and your family members.

If you will be in a foreign land for more than 3 days, it’s a good idea to get a long term car hire. There may be no savings for a few days but you have the car with you at any time and need not bother returning it to the rent dealer after each day. Otherwise, you’d be incurring hourly charges that can cost more.

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