Home stay opportunity

Home stay opportunity is a trend that is fast picking up as offering a home away from home with a local flavor variation to the vacation!!
The concept of a home stay opportunity has been an old and accepted one in the Western world for earning a bit on the side for many homeowners with landowners and a farmhouse offering these extra rooms or spaces for tourists at affordable prices as compared to other tourism sector accommodation they may find. In India, this idea of offering home stays had many fears attached to it in the initial stages, such as lack of a link language skills, the privacy demands having one or more house-guests would have on family members and household routines, having to compromise on the security factor as much as the ignorance about how to plan, offer and manage home stay opportunity availing ‘paying guests’ and enforcing house-rules for their meals and stay.

How the trendy tourism offering of affordable accommodation courtesy home-stay opportunity took off
Along with a change in the educated Indian homeowner, there was a great awakening to the home stays opportunity also giving a few extra bucks to a homeowner for company, cultural interchange, independent earnings and putting an empty space to good use that for all practical purposes would have been shut down or gathering dust! This change in outlook for home-owners offering home stays opportunity in a greater number has mainly come about with Indian family members going abroad for higher education, jobs or simply out-growing the need to stay in parental homes and thus, these have promoted the cause of a feasible and tourist-friendly, easy on the traveler’s pocket idea of cost-effective, cozy and welcoming home stays opportunity in India.

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