Midwest Airlines Gets Stronger Even in Lean Times

Midwest Airlines Gets Stronger Even in Lean Times

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Midwest Airlines is just one of the small airline carriers based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Perhaps the biggest news about the airline is that it has started merging with Frontier and will soon be doing business under that name. It will take about eighteen months for this merger to be complete (it began in early 2010). It is very common for small regional carriers to get most of their business from corporate people who fly frequently for business reasons. Midwest offers service destinations in seventy very popular places like Mexico and Costa Rica. As the airline is strong now, it can only get stronger once the merger has completed.

Code sharing is something that lots of smaller airlines do–it’s basically a legal agreement between the two airlines. This legal agreement allows one airline to market and sell flights on other airlines. The obvious benefit is to produce market expansion. Code sharing is something that Midwest and Frontier do regularly. To give you an example: Frontier utilizes a codeshare with Great Lake Airlines and that allows Frontier and, by extension, Midwest, access to forty extra destinations. Specialized flights may also be available to an international shipping company.

As previously stated, Midwest and Frontier are merging into a single company that will work under the Frontier name and brand. The merger began on April 13, 2010, and will be a process spanning approximately 12-18 months in duration. All aspects of both businesses will get integrated–from the uniforms to the computer systems that run the companies–it all becomes a single look. This merger is only a very wise and positive move that will produce continued safe and profitable operations for years to come. When you think about the current economic climate around the world, this merger is a very smart thing to do.

Midwest airlines has participated in a process referred to as Code sharing for a number of years. A lot of airlines participate in this process which is a good think really. What this means is that the flight schedules of each airline are in sync with the schedules of other airlines.

The end result is more for the customers in terms of enhanced destinations and connecting schedules that are more favorable and convenient. Flights that are designated as a codeshare flight can be run by any of the participating companies.

Midwest Airlines is in the process of merging and being absorbed by Frontier. The name Frontier will soon apply to both airlines. Of course all of the currently existing Midwest programs will be preserved so don’t worry if you’re a member of the business flier or frequent flier programs. While the names of the programs will change, everything else including account numbers and benefits due will be transferred to the new system and stay the same.

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