Travel Don’ts

taxiLife is full of uncertainties! But if we collaborate effectively with others, we can avoid a lot of such uncertainties with our collective knowledge. That’s the advantage you get by being a member of the Travel Community. Uncertainties can arise when traveling to a place you have never been to before. Most places are actually fun to visit, but in every place there are certain aspects that differ from one another. Should you hire chauffeur in Melbourne instead of a Metro in Melbourne? Should you tip the room service person in Melbourne? Is it safe to walk in the streets at night? These are the things that many people think about, before they go on holiday.

We know you must have a lot of such stories to share with us based on your past travel experiences. If you have found something to avoid when traveling to any destination in the world, please do share with us. That will certainly help other travelers when planning their trips. It may be the places, food, restaurants, campervan hire Iceland service, tipping, things to do or words not to use with the locales. Share, according to your experiences, the Tourist Traps to be avoided! You can check the Travel Community to see what the other members have to share.

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