Travel trends may change

Travel trends may change

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Travel trends may change, but factors determining hotel choices remain the same

These days the options for holiday accommodations are endless, with big chain hotels, to apartments, to exclusive boutique hotels to simple bed and breakfasts. With each vying with the other to attract potential guests conducted a poll to verify the exact facts that determine a traveller’s ultimate choice. This poll was conducted amongst the member base consisting of seasoned travellers presenting an authentic overview of travel trends.

From 1752 total responses polled, the factors that were most popular when choosing a hotel needless to say were price and location, both receiving 25.70% each. The hotel would obviously have to be in an area convenient to the traveller, as that would act as the base for the duration of the stay. Proximity to places of interest such as wildlife sanctuaries or historical sites, places of religious worship all add to a holiday accommodation’s popularity.

Price is the most important determining factor for a holiday as it is with most decisions in day to day life. Based upon their budgets people choose the best possible accommodation available within their scope. Most vacationers as it has been proved by previously conducted polls look for moderate comfort as opposed to extreme luxury or completely roughing it.

Polling 22.90% of the responses were amenities and facilities as determining factors. Once a number of viable accommodations have been selected, next the elimination process begins where the pros and cons of each are weighed.

Here vacationers decide which gives them the most value for money or the best amenities and facilities for the money they spend. Features such as tea/coffee making facilities, complimentary toiletries are amenities much appreciated by patrons along with the free use of the hotel gym, swimming pool and such.

For repeat guests, features such as a friendly staff is important, which is why it polled 17.10% of the responses. The staff being friendly, helpful and going out of their way to make a stay comfortable ensures that guests have a memorable experience they would wish to experience again and again. While this does not seem to be the most important factor for determining a hotel, it however does matter.

There are other factors to encourage or discourage a person from booking a hotel. While seemingly unimportant, to some these have an affect on their decision making, as is proved by the 5.70% that polled in.

Only 2.90% polled in as looking for luxury, as luxury is no longer a requisite factor. As mentioned before holiday goers are now ok with comfort and do not seek complete luxury.

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