Travelling food wise

Travelling food wise

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work3Food on the go may not be as healthy as you’d want it to be. From long road trips to attraction filled holidays, if your southeast asia holidays is going to be busy with lots of walking or driving around you are bound to miss your usual meal times and when hunger hits the most likely options would be to grab some fast food to keep the system going until you feel the hunger pangs again.

But a couple of days on meal-deals, happy meals and cheap sodas are bound to wreck your stomach and your immune system; which are of course the last thing an eager traveler would want. With a little planning ahead you might actually be able to pack healthy and tasty food on the go and also avoid the heart-burns, the bugs and unnecessary expenses.

If you are driving you can easily pack a cooler and in it fruits and veggies to consume on the way. Pasta salads, grilled or cured meats, cheeses and breads go a long way. Apples, oranges, tomatoes, grapes, green leaves along with pickles, hummus and peanut butter add zest, crunch and nourishment to your sandwiches and salads. Remember to carry a lot of water. Tea and coffee breaks are fine as long as you consume heaps of water.

For long drives with kids, who undoubtedly want some thing to munch on every five minutes, remember to stock up on oatmeal cookies, nuts (pick both savoury and sweet varieties for spice), pretzels and dried fruit. And still if you crave for some change go for a proper meal, ideally something local.

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