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Travelling wise

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These days all travellers are interested in sustainable travel and are keen to ensure that their explorations of new destinations are actually going to be beneficial for people living there. But most travellers are under the misconception that sustainable travel includes working in farms and not actually going around the country exploring attractions. And most travellers would actually rather hike or cycle through the country side, explore the flora and fauna and shop for rare treasures than work in a farm or spend days helping out with small industries in order to make that worthy contribution.

So how does sustainable travel work and how can you travel wise and ensure your trip to a destination actually helps maintain it? And can you actually make a contribution regardless of what your interests are and what you wish to explore?

The first thing to do is to find out more about the destination. Talk to the locals and get to know about local industries, special tours, local bazaars and cultural performances, and try and make your contribution by what is locally available to you. Little acts like picking souvenirs handcrafted in rehabilitation centres or by persons with special abilities and ensuring that the street performance you are paying for actually contribute towards the teaching and promoting of local culture. For bigger contributions find out from local authorities what kind of nature trails, safari tours, rafting adventures, Perth airport parking company or treks through rain forests, and even visits to museums, are available where the income actually goes back towards maintaining the people and the environment in those areas.

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