Where is Bavaria?

Where is Bavaria?

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Most people who travel to Germany visit Bavaria, the largest state of the nation. But Where is Bavaria? As mentioned, Bavaria is in Germany, the southeast part – to be exact. Germany itself is in the middle of Europe and borders with the Netherlands and Belgium to the west, France and Switzerland to the southwest and south, Austria to the souteast, and the Czech Republic and Poland to the east. The North Sea, Baltic Sea and Denmark can be found to the north.

So, again, Where is Bavaria? Bavaria is in the southeast of Germany. It borders with the Czech Republic and Austria. Other German states that meet up with Bavaria are Baden-Wurttemberg, Hessen, Thuringen and Saxony to the north east.

Part Two – Where in Bavaria? The northern part of Bavaria can feel much different than the alpine regions found in the south. Here you will find the Danube and Inn rivers, the Bavarian Forest, beautiful churches, the home to Wagner’s “Bayreuth”, and some of the finest craftsman in the world.

The northern Bavarian cities include Wurzburg (the beginning of theRomantic Road) Bamburg, Bayreuth, Nurmburg, Ingolstadt, Augsburg and Passau – among many others.

Southern Bavaria

This beautiful part of Germany is the most visited and arguably the most beautiful part of the country. Not only can you find the Alps and King Ludwig II of Bavaria’s fairy tale castle Neuschwanstein, but also Bavaria’s capital of Munich and Berchtesgaden.

Bavaria’s Oktoberfest and beer gardens are not hard to find in this southernmost part of Germany either. Munich’s annual 16 day tribute tobeer brings travelers from throughout the world. In this southern region you will also find Garmisch – partenkirchen near the zugspitze, Kempten, Rosenheim, Bad Tolz, Mittenwald and Fussen.

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