You want to travel to Germany?

You want to travel to Germany?

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limosIt really doesn’t matter if you are on a budget or not – Travel to Germany! Germany (Bavaria) is an awesome place to visit. Don’t worry if you can’t fly first class and you’re worried about affordability! You can go! Maybe you do have the money tucked away and plan on spending as much as it takes to make it the perfect trip – this site is for you too. Rich or poor, planned or spur of the moment, start your travel plans here and then go out and get all the information you need to plan your perfect visit. I think we are all in agreement that flying is the only way to travel to Germany (from the U.S. that is).

But how do you go about getting all the information you need to plan your trip?Research, research, research! I don’t care if you are hiring a travel agent or not – you still need to research!

My favorite place to start is online.There are lots of places on the web where you can find cheap flights. There is a wealth of knowledge out here on the internet just waiting for you to find – mostly for free. I have always been able to find some of the best deals there. Of course, you also have Travelocity , Expedia , Hotwire, Priceline , etc. But don’t forget about websites like Wikipedia, Wiki travel, and tripadvisor. Just type “travel to Germany” or something similar into Google or Yahoo search engines and see what you find. Whatever comes up, is a good place to start.

Travel forums – my favorite is tripadvisor, give users a chance to not only talk about their travel excursions, but also rate their experiences at different places. This is especially useful when trying to figure out where to stay at hotels or bed and breakfasts. On my last trip to Bavaria, I relied almost exclusively on tripadvisor for ratings on my lodging choices.

Guide Books – yes I love them and do recommend them. Rick Steves, Frommer’s, Foder’s, Etc. are great references for your travel to Germany. You don’t have to buy them, either. Rent them at the library if you wish. In fact, many library systems have online searches and holds to get a hold of the books you wish to borrow. If you buy them, you can sell them back on places like or Ebay. If you are the kind of person that likes to write in them for reference, just plan on keeping them for your next trip.

Now What?

When you have done some research and have a better idea of what it takes to travel to Germany, then you can start making a plan. By this point you will have an idea of what you may like to see and the types of things that interest you most. You will also have a little bit more idea of your budget. You don’t have to hire a travel agent! Just do research and book online using an online travel agent. For example, I heard from my trained travel agent friend Elizabeth that air fares are usually lowest on Tuesdays. (Why, I am not sure, I think it has something to do with scheduling patterns the airlines use.) Search on places like or Compare prices – one online site may be hundreds cheaper than another!

Keep in mind – when you search for air prices on the internet, the final price is different than the first price you see quoted to you. What you want to look for is the final price. Don’t be afraid to pretend you are booking the ticket right up until they ask for payment. This is sometimes the only way to see the full price that includes the fees and taxes.

Chances are you will have two or three legs on your flight to Germany. If you live near a major airport like O’Hare in Chicago or JFK in New York, you might get a direct flight. Otherwise, you may have to fly from a regional airport to a larger one which will connect you to Europe.

Your trip might look something like this: fly from your regional airport to a major hub (like Chicago) then fly from Chicago to Amsterdam and then travel to Germany from Amsterdam to Munich. But the combinations are endless. Maybe it makes more sense for you to drive to a major hub and then get a direct flight or a flight from the hub to a connecting European hub and then to Munich.

You guessed it – it takes research. Price every possibility before buying the tickets. If price isn’t so much a concern, plan routes that offer more convenience. Map out possible scenarios and then research them via price or convenience on the internet, in your books, etc.

I think when you travel to Germany, Munich is the best way to get to Bavaria. It seems to be the cheapest usually and I have never had any baggage issues, the car rental area is easy to get to and it is easy to find your way around.

Here’s an example: On our last travel to Germany, we drove to O’Hare. We booked a park n fly hotel (a hotel that will let you park your car for free while you fly if you spend a night in their hotel). We parked our car in the hotel lot and took their free shuttle to the airport. Flying from O’Hare to Amsterdam and then to Munich was our most economical approach, so that is what we did. At the Munich airport we rented a car (that I pre booked online to get the best deal –Europcar ) and drove from Munich throughout Bavaria. (Train travel is also an option at this point)We then went through Austria, Northern Italy, and Switzerland. We left the Geneva airport and flew back to Amsterdam to hop on a flight to Chicago. From there we took the free shuttle back to the hotel, spent the night and drove home. All the parking for a week and a half as well as a one night’s lodging cost us $89.00 plus tax – I don’t think you can beat that!

What’s my Point?

Research all possibilities. You don’t have to fly back out of the airport you landed in. Check all connecting possibilities. On our trip, for example, we could have flown from O’Hare to Geneva, Milan, or Salzburg to get to Munich. Just find the combination that is either cheapest or the most convenient – whatever you are looking for. The answers are all there for your travel to Germany, and booking online is a snap.

Afraid to book online?

It’s Ok. Personally, I do everything online and have never had a problem. But, if you are not comfortable with it, I understand. Still do your research online. Then, when you are ready to book – call. Call the airline, Melbourne taxi silver service , hotel, etc. Don’t be afraid to tell them the price you saw online if what they are quoting you is different.

Another option is PayPal or something similar. PaPal is like a bank with no bank branch locations. You set up an account with them and can make payments through their site. Also, you can log into your account and get all the information you would get with another bank online. Many websites allow you to “pay with PayPal”. When you do, the website you are ordering with never sees your personal banking information, but still has the convenience of an online purchase. Therefore, Paypal is like an intermediary between you and the seller.

You can do it!

Even if you are in a rush, on a budget, or care about convenience, do your research and you will be greatly rewarded. By finding out all you can about your travel to Germany ahead of time, you will forgo frustration and difficult situations when you get there. Enjoy your trip by planning ahead and avail taxi Melbourne airport services in a hassle-free manner!

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